Indie rap fans and even fans of mainstream rap from what many consider the “golden era” of hip hop and rap, circa 1990-2005 might be quick to dismiss an artist like Dima Kash who, upon first listen, seems to be of the more modern mumble rap/trap persuasion. This would be an unfair dismissal, however, if one is looking at a track like Kash’s new single, “All Night”. Looking simply at the rap elements of the track, released in early October, Kash is actually more than worth his salt.

Trap is a permutation of hip hop that’s actually been around for quite a while. It began ostensibly in Atlanta in the early 90s and sort of got lost in crunk and dirty south hip hop, but since EDM got a hold of it it’s seen new life both in dance music and in hip hop. Dima Kash comes from Russia, about as far away as one can get from Atlanta both culturally and geographically, but the trap beat on “All Night” is technically clean and mastered well.

Lyrically it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but once listeners get past the somewhat brutish hook and check out the way Kash sets up his verse, it’s once again technically well done. His syncopation along with and against the beat is quite complex and while his flows are quite tight there are also some surprising pauses and steps which actually make the lyrics interesting to listen to, despite the subject matter.

“All Night” by Dima Kash definitely does not qualify as mumble rap, and hopefully audiences won’t dismiss it as such because of the songs hook and somewhat contrite lyrics. There is potential here for the Russian rapper as his rap talent is really quite strong. Here’s hoping he goes the route of Wu Tang and picks up a slightly more sophisticated vocabulary to compliment his sophisticated rap style.

“All Night” is out now and available to stream on Soundcloud. Visit his website for purchase links, tour news and more.



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