Drew Vision is a new R&B singer and producer from Toronto whose semi-indie style is so smooth and sexy that the first single off his second album, Shades of Summer, that could make Luther VanDross blush.

“Want ‘Em All” is a classic R&B track beat-and-melody-wise, but many of the tracks on Shades of Summer take more conventional beat structures. Drew Vision seems to have a penchant for mixing classic R&B with more cutting edge and EDM-like styles, and somehow that comes through on “Want ‘Em All”, even though it’s not expressly done in the production.

The lyrics on “Want ‘Em All” are quite simple as well, but if one were to try to pinpoint, it would probably have to be Vision’s hyper-smooth, emotive voice harmonizing with the synths in a sort of unconventional way. Whatever it is, this track is emotive, evocative, and most of all, extremely sensual.

Speaking of sensual, the video for “Want ‘Em All” doesn’t disappoint in that department, either. The video has the hyper-sexiness of D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” (although D’Angelo later claimed the video and song were about his grandmother’s cooking) combined with the playful, fun sexiness of TLC’s “Creep”. Either way, it’s sexy, and a perfect match to the track.

Even though summer is almost over, Drew Vision’s Shades of Summer will likely be gracing bedroom playlists well into the next season and for years to come. “Want ‘Em All” is an especially fine example not only of Vision’s consummate smoothness, but his skill as a vocalist and his potential as the next big indie R&B artist.

Shades of Summer is out now and available on Spotify, itunes and Soundcloud.



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