Dadaist ds|fečo was discovered by Ellenwood-EP two years ago with his disturbing nod to Zappa called “Let It Sparkle”, and now he’s back with a stark new track called “Jihad Du Jour”. Between the artist and the subject matter, suffice it to say this track is a bit stark.

Something not discussed often in regards to jihadist groups and extreme groups, especially when it comes to Islamic extremism, is the fact that many of the leaders and followers of these groups may simply have a screw loose. While discussing the belief systems and indoctrination which draw in and radicalize jihadists, “Johad Du Jour” simulates the chaotic mental state of anyone who thinks such violent means justify such crazy ends. Only the most chaotic of experimental music could possibly connote the type of anger, fear, and discord that much be going on in many an extremist mind, and only ds|fečo can pull it off.

As ds|fečo has tagged “Jihad Du Jour” as a protest song on his Soundcloud, it’s probably safe to say he still doesn’t agree with the actions of extremists or hate groups, but his music takes a deeper look into what might cause this kind of behavior, and perhaps gives the audience a more understanding glimpse into the inner turmoil such actors exact upon the outer world far too often.

Written by Layla Marino

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