G.H. Hat was known mostly for his classical composition and production until recently, when he made the leap into downtempo EDM via his trip hop or dubstep tracks, “Joyogistic” and “Primal”. Both made it into the Soundcloud top 50 Trip Hop tracks. His new track “I Got a Problem” featuring Mickey Shiloh is a much more upbeat song, more in the pop and house realms, it’s done extremely well. Within a month it’s been in the top ten on Billboard’s Breakouts for Dance and Single Sales charts. Something’s definitely working.

G.H. Hat has already remixed “I Got a Problem (I Wonder)” twice himself and it has also has been put into nine other mixes by other artists. All the mixes are available to stream on Spotify, but no word yet on whether they will be released on other platforms. Hat’s own instrumental mix and the “As Chill as It Gets” mix are available on itunes.

The original mix of “I Got a Problem” vacillates between big room and chill house. That may seem strange, but the way it’s put together and the clean production make the rack a bright pop backdrop for Mickey Shiloh’s reggae-tinged vocals. The “Chill as It Gets” mix is, confusingly, a little more amped up than the original and has more of a techno vibe. The instrumental version will be a good resource for other artists who want to remix and also gives the listening public a chance to hear how the song is put together as the focus isn’t on the vocals.

The original, instrumental and “Chill at It Gets” mixes of “I Got a Problem (I Wonder)” feat. Mickey Shiloh are available to stream on G.H. Hat’s Soundcloud and itunes and on Spotify. Check out his website for news about the next remix releases.



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