The Great Escape have been teasing their sophomore album, Universe In Bloom, for quite a while now with a series of singles, remixes and mini-documentaries all bunched up to explore music and art culture together. With the album finally out in full, these singles and their mini-docs still stand out both stylistically and because of their cultural impact. One of the most interesting and impactful has been “Let Me Go Wild”.

By itself, “Let Me Go Wild” is an evocative and bombastic party track with elements of jazz, rock, rockabilly and do-wop. There’s really nothing like in indie music at the moment. The Great Escape weren’t satisfied with this bold track on its own, however, so they tapped dubstep producer Robot Koch to remix it. Mixing dubstep and rockabilly may seem like a contradiction in terms, let alone in musical styles, but this expansive band cares naught for genre and style restraints. The dubstep version is just as explosive and in-your face. Pair that with a mini-doc about the dancers in the Los Angeles krump scene, and this group has hit upon something really special.

The mini-documentary is shot in South Central LA and splices together shots of the city with high-energy film of dancers moving to both mixes of “Let Me Go Wild”. It also alternates between the song(s) and the dancers talking about why they dance. It’s evocative and powerful just like the song, and there is a real sense of the unifying elements of all art forms as the dancers discuss their motivations for needing to find and express their art form while another art form moves and expressed with them. The overall effect is beyond powerful.

The way The Great Escape are going about creating their music; incorporating other musical, artistic and cultural elements into one big mass of expression is something truly unique to this group and totally unexpected based on their debut album in 2014. It seems this group has grown in leaps and bounds and will likely continue to surprise and connect with all the art and music worlds have to offer.

Universe in Bloom is out now and can be streamed and purchased via a number of platforms by clicking here. To see their mini-documentary series in full as well as new videos, check out their YouTube channel.



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