Henry Metal is a new(ish) outfit whose tongue-in-cheek metal antics and videos and silly rock anthem lyrics are good for a laugh, but they also have some real metal talent. They released four full-length albums in 2017, impressive even if it is comedy metal, and four corresponding and equally hilarious videos. All this writing and joking and thrashing has culminated in the final two albums of 2017, Metal O’Clock and its adorably silly thrash single and video, “Thrash Your Head” as well as Henry Metal V, which just released this month along with a best of collection called The Essential Henry Metal vol. 1. “Thrash Your Head”, however, is probably the best way to introduce the uninitiated to the wild, silly metal world of Henry Metal.

Henry Metal make fun of everything in metal from the lyrics to the song titles right down to the makeup which, in “Thrash Your Head” is done as a sort of Puddle of Mudd/Kiss/ICP mélange. The singer is sort of a Freddie Mercury character with a lot of moxie and funk to his face and moves, despite the makeup and metal. The lyrics are simple and definitely designed to be a joke, vacillating between poorly executed cookie monster growls and Iron Maiden-style high-pitched yowls. The chorus, just in case the comedy wasn’t obvious yet, is as follows: “…so get up off your candy ass; and begin to fucking thrash.”

Despite all the fun and tongue-in-cheek imagery, the guitars and drums in “Thrash Your Head” and indeed any of the tracks on all five albums are on par with any metal band worth their salt. Clean licks and complex drum patterns will melt the heart of even the most hardened metal snob, despite the lack of seriousness in lyrics and presentation. This band are definitely resisting the stereotype of metal taking itself too seriously, and if they continue their pace of making an album a quarter in 2018 (which is looks like they will do, given that a 2018 album teaser is already out), they’ll soon overtake that too-serious market with their fun attitudes and Gwar-like cheek.

Metal O’Clock is available to stream or buy along with the other whopping four albums Henry Metal have released this year on the band’s Bandcamp page. Check out their YouTube channel to see other hilarious videos, which now includes “Baby” off of Henry Metal V.



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