Ivan Beecroft has an interesting style. On his sophomore album, Whatever, his guitar work is clearly influenced by 80s hard rock like Guns n’ Roses or Motley Crue but his vocals are much more early grunge, a’la Chris Cornell or even Lane Staley of Alice in Chains. Therein lies the intersection of styles.

A number of the tracks on Whatever take a softer angle, but the more heavy rock tracks are probably the most fun, hearkening back to that period between 1987 and 1991 where hard rock and indie/college rock fused to create alternative rock. “Sleepwalker”, the album opener, is one of the infinitely fun tracks on the album that encapsulates that period.

It’s not to say Beecroft’s style isn’t unique in other ways, and this shines through in “Sleepwalker” as well. Beecroft’s lyrics are highly personal and evocative on this album, and “Sleepwalker” addresses waking up to a new and more true reality, and he encourages others to do so, even though it may be painful. He also acknowledges his own struggle with leading a more true life, but promises it will be worth it. The music supports the lyrics, with the guitars starting off quite angry and, again, early alt. rock inspired, but the song changes during the interlude to a more hopeful tone, apparently signifying that being true and not “sleepwalking” through reality is worth it in the end.

Styles change throughout Whatever, but Beecroft creates consistency with his vocals and lyrics. He always has that grungy tinge to his voice, and it pairs well with his overall message. He can get this message across to a wide range of audiences as well, as the musical styles are so diverse. It’s definitely an album to check for its musicality and for its message.

Whatever is out now. Streaming and purchase links are available on Ivan Beecroft’s website. Spotify subscribers can listen instantly via the playlist below.



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