There is not much known about Jacqui L, except it seems to be largely a solo project from one “scorpion” with a creative imagination. The other sure thing is that this project is an interesting hybrid of prog rock and blues, making it somehow indie.

Jacqui L’s debut album, Planet Parallel 5, released in May on Bandcamp with a long and somewhat confusing back story anthropomorphising a scorpion and creating a strange little world that is the album’s namesake. Stylistically, Jacqui L’s sound incorporates metal, prog rock, blues and goth/emo to create something that is not quite any of them. A number of videos were released on Vimeo for the album, including one of its highlights, “Distraction”.

“Distraction is one of the most cohesive tracks on Planet Parallel 5, largely because it is predominantly blues-centric. This format really allows the smoky female vocals to shine in a way that is not duplicated on this album.  There is still a heavy creep factor to the track, however, which is underlined by the video. Said video is done in a sort of flim noir style with supernatural undertones. It fits the track, and somewhat fits the vibe Jacqui L is trying to create with music, story and videos.

It could be said that Planet Parallel 5 is all over the board, or it could be say that there’s a little something for everyone. “Distraction” is a sure bet from a technical standpoint, so there’s definite potential there. Whatever this project decides to release next, here’s hoping it’s along those lines.

Planet Parallel 5 by Jacqui L is out now on Bandcamp.



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