With the second single of Amber Bain’s, aka The Japanese House, new EP released, she is showing the world that there is more to her than most. Fresh off the 1975 tour, the releases of her two new tracks, including “Saw You In A Dream,” are a breath of fresh air and go into the deeper moments when one loses someone they love.

In an interview with Thomas Smith of NME, Bain discusses how the first single deals specifically with an actual dream of hers where she saw an old friend who died years ago. It is obvious though in this second single that Bain is now commenting on the twisted nature a romantic breakup can become, especially when the issue of selfishness is involved.

The track opens up with the beginning of a dreamy guitar line, characteristic of Bain’s signature sound but much more intentional and preparing for a more somber tone. Right away, it goes into the first verse that sounds to be the exasperated words of a distraught lover. “Did something change, I don’t really care anyway / You can go write something about it.” The narrator could easily be her ex lover, commenting on the fact she is a songwriter, or it could even be her, even if all they have as a writing platform is social media. It continues with what seems to be the banter of the lovers, discussing how they were both in the wrong for different reasons, the other side blaming their wrong doing on selfishness and petty thoughts taking over. The bridge though brings to light the encompassing theme of the song: “Either way… I’m just another stone in the ground / I’m not someone you come looking for.” It is always hard to go through a break up, but it’s even harder when you see yourself as just a temporary aspect of their life, nothing permanent. She ends the song emphasizing that she has issues to work through, but at least she is changing. With the same dream like melody and upwards momentum of the electronic percussion throughout the song, it becomes obvious that the lyrics are the focal point of this track and demonstrate her talents as a songwriter.

Look out for The Japanese House’s new EP coming soon! This is an artist you do not want to miss before she becomes one of the more popular indie electronic artists of our time.

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