Jay Hunna is a rapper out of Chicago who is not only slightly displeased with the “mumble rappers” currently popular in hip hop, he seems to actively be on a campaign to bring back the heyday of rap and of vinyl in his new single, “Good ‘Ol Music,” the second single off his upcoming album, Better Days.

“Good ‘Ol Music” is quite clearly an homage to the hip hop and rappers of the late 80s and 90s, as both verse and chorus are packed with some of his biggest influences. He mentions a range of genres from the soul of Smokey Robinson to the Jackson 5, but 90s rappers seem to really be where his heart is: Scarface, Tupac, Jay-Z and Biggie all make the list, but beyond that this track is a battle cry to bring back that type of music, with the substance and meaning that Hunna saw as “giving me life”.

The beat and video of “Good ‘Ol Music” also pay homage to and emulate the 90s hip hop vibe. Musically it’s a soulful and funky track, somewhat similar to early Dr. Dre. In the video, Hunna honors both Chicago and record store culture, as the entire track is played over scenes of him at a local Chicago going through bins of vinyl with his friends and showing more titles of hip hop artists he loves.

Jay Hunna’s mission statement with “Good ‘Ol Music” is clear: bring style and substance back into rap, and make sure his fans can hear what he’s saying. His other single, “Mind Blown” is of a similar style, but with more modern trap-style beats, however, so fans can expect that Better Days will not be a one-trick pony. The album is due out before the end of the year, but in the meantime “Mind Blown” and “Good ‘Ol Music” are streamable on his Soundcloud page, while videos for some of Hunna’s earlier work are on his YouTube channel.  Pre-order Better Days by clicking here.

Written by Layla Marino

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