thelostpoets2The Lost Poets are an eerie duo from Sweden which Ellenwood broke in the United States about a year ago with their debut EP Insubordia and its first single “Mouth” (click here for link). Dubbing their unique brand of blues grunge “sludge, ” The Lost Poets are back with their first full-length album,  Insubordia Pt. II,  which released on their Bandcamp page in February. This month they released the video for the first single off Insubordia Pt. II called “Danny Electro”.

For those not yet aware of The Lots Poets’ creepy, sepia-tinted world of heavy bass-laden rock, “Danny Electro” is as good a place as any from which to start. Bassist/drummer Petter Ossian Strömberg’s bassline is tuned low and played loose a’la Tool or Queens of the Stone Age, but with a more metal-like ominous tone which matches his metal-laced drums. Vocalist and guitar player David Rosengren’s guitars also have a decent infusion of metal, but more on the grunge side of metal, similar to Soundgarden or Alice In Chains. These two bands’ influence on The Lost Poets is also evident in Rosengren’s vocals, as they have the dark, ominous tones of Lane Staley but with the vocal range of Chris Cornell.

The video for “Danny Electro” introduces the uninitiated to the even more unsettling visage of The Lost Poets, who generally prefer to cover their faces in black stockings and wear antique formal wear. The video is done entirely in black and white and shows two figures, presumable Rosengren and Strömberg tinkering with some sort of cyborg being who is struggling to come to life. Visually, it’s got sort of an Edwardian ghost-meets-Tool-video vibe which is interesting and seems to go right along with the duo’s sinister, minor-keyed music.

“Danny Electro” is just a cross section of the diverse styles and unique sound featured on Insubordia Pt. II. While The Lost Poets already have quite a distinctive sound, the album infuses many other styles and genres, folding blues, industrial and metal into their unique “sludge.” “Danny Electro” and the rest of the album are available to stream or buy on The Lost Poets’ Bandcamp Page. Subscribe to their Youtube channel for more creepy videos.


Written by Layla Marino

Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science

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