Madeline Tasquin is an art pop artist based in the bay area whose music spans a number of genres but is always focused on vocal. This stands to reason because Tasquin has a pitch-perfect, clearly classically trained voice. Her songwriting also suggests classical training, especially when it comes to vocal and choral arrangements. Tasquin just released her third EP, Future Telephone and it is filled with darling, uplifting vocals and lots of instrumental experimentation.

The title track on Future Telephone is perhaps the most truly indie and experimental of the EP’s five tracks, and as luck would have it, it’s also her very first music video. “Future Telephone” is mostly stripped of any of the folk tinges the rest of the tracks on the EP have the track is instead done in a do-wop/rockabilly/blues style.

Most of the track seems characteristically sparse in terms of instumentals, featuring only a sparse guitar, a jazz snare and a little ornamental piano and saxophone. The empty space is filled with Tasquin’s extraordinary voice until the musical interlude where it is confirmed that this is a bluesy rockabilly track with a solo from the sax in addition to swelling accompaniment from the backing band. When Tasquin comes back in with the verse, the band continues to be more present, but they don’t in any way detract from the vocals. It’s very solid composition like this that helps voices like Tasquin’s really soar.

The “Future Telephone” video compliments the rockabilly and do-wop style as it’s done in a vintage style, splicing atomic-era space images and films in with Tasquin, who stands alone singing in a vintage dress. The video is also shot or edited to look like it’s vintage film, so it goes well with both the musical style and the lyrics.

Tasquin is definitely one to watch on the indie pop scene. She’s played the Joshua Tree Music Festival in recent years and has toured the U.S. and Europe a number of times. For interestingly arrages, high quality vocal tracks, it really doesn’t get much better.

The Future Telephone EP is out now and can be streamed or purchased on a number of platforms by clicking here. Check out her YouTube Channel for more quirky videos and live performances.



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