Meanr Mynr is the monkier of a Denver-based guitarist and producer who has found a way to marry classic rock and blues-style guitar with hip hop and electronica. Reggie Sudduth II’s first release under this new solo project is called The Compound, and it blends all these genres and more in its first single, “Blasé”.

Sudduth is technically self-taught in guitar and began his performing career as a bassist and guitarist supporting hip hop acts. As he played around Colorado, he learned classical technigues for his instrument, but was also exposed to drum machines and electronic production techniques in both the hip hop and EDM aesthetic.

“Blasé” hit all these genres and more, as the beat on the track is largely hip hop but has a graniness that listeners may also think of as glitch hop. The guitar in this track is bluesy and may remind audiences of Santana or Stevie Ray Vaughn, but the addition of a drum machine turns this track into a whole new kind of indie. Not unlike Ratatat, Meanr Mynr plays the two styles off each other, but always makes the track about his first love, the guitar.

The Compond’s three tracks vary in style and method between them as much as “Blasé” does within its own bounds, so it’s clear that as Meanr Mynr continues on this project, there will be much more experimentation and cutting-edge guitar and beat marriages. It will be interesting to see where this experimental style takes him. The EP is out now and can be purchased or streamed on Meanr Mynr’s Bandcamp page.

Written by Layla Marino

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