Monsters and Miracles is a brand new project by John Dray Lee, who originally started out playing in rock bands in the early 00s, and he seems to be quite surprised that he’s ended up making EDM. He took a long hiatus to pursue medicine and is now a practicing family medicine doctor, now calling Monsters and Miracles a “passion project” and releasing his first trap-inspired single, “Silk Road” featuring MRS on vocals.

Lee claims not to be terribly tech-savy and seems to shirk social media, but “Silk Road” is still very much in the EDM wheelhouse. He does achieve this by unconventional means by mondern standards, however, as “Silk Road” contains actual guitar, piano, drums and bass. Even the trap beats are recorded analog drums which Lee has put on a loop to create a techy-sounding beat. Not exactly normal by modern EDM standards as most beats are made on software nowadays, but it definitely works and “Silk Road” thus has a clean, bright drum sound only really achievable by playing an actual drum kit. Lee also incorporates a number of synth melodies to go with the vocals supplied by MRS.

Austin Leeds remixed “Silk Road” and it is much more in line with what EDM fans would consider dance music and, more specifically trap. The drums are completely re-done on this version and are thus more digital-sounding. The track’s composition it also more EDM in a structural sense with breaks, buildups and drops. Whatever Lee’s aim was for the original, the Austin Leeds remix is definitely meant for the dancefloor.

In the eyes of the EDM community, it’s pretty academic the method by which Lee creates his tracks for Monsters and Miracles, and he¬†definitely has a knack for creating interesting and high qualitytracks. His use of analog instrumentals also makes him unique in this genre, so as he goes forward he’ll likely find himself gaining a fan base in both the EDM and indie camps.

Both the original and the Austin Leeds remix of “Silk Road” by Monsters and Miracles are out now and can be streamed on Soundcloud or purchased on Bandcamp.



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