NTFRMHRE is a Philadelphia-based artist whose forthcoming EP, 4th Dimension is due out this summer. The first single off this EP, which is said to be influenced by trance, techno and EDM, is “Somebody Like You”, a light, summery trap-based track featuring vocalist Scott Thomas.

“Somebody Like You” has a trap beat that seems more in the vein of hip hop than EDM in the sense that the bassline and drums are fairly consistent with not a lot of buildups or drops. This works for the pop aesthetic of the vocals, with Scott Thomas’s falsettoed chorus driving the tension of the track rather than huge, EDM-style breakdowns. That said, there are plenty of techno and EDM-inspired elements, most notably the synths, which seem to have a nheavy not to techno in them and create a good counter-melody to Thomas’s rich vocals.

The video for “Somebody Like You” pushes the love story narrative of the lyrics. Visually, the camera work is breathtaking, with sweeping aerial shots of couples in breathtaking vistas all over the world. It’s likely that a drone was employed for this camera work, as the shots are fluid and move with the music, giving both the song and the video a magical and very artistic quality.

It will be interesting to see how NTFRMHRE’s style pans out in the rest of the tracks on 4th Dimension, as “Somebody Like You” blends styles and genres. In the meantime, this summery track will likely grace the playlists of pop, EDM and hip hop fans. “Somebody Like You” can be streamed on NTFRMHRE’s Soundcloud page.



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