Omiqron6 is a relatively new artist based in Mexico City who seems to be highly influenced by the East and eastern music and philosophy. His debut album, A New Kind of Lightning, while largely electronic, clearly borrows melodies and methods from the east, specifically China. The artist also claims that the tracks on this album are meant for meditation and to help elevate humans from “…the jaws and claws of human suffering”. Not only is there a strong musical influence from the East, but Omiqron6 appears to embrace traditional Buddhism and Hinduism in both form and philosophy.

One of the most well-rounded tracks on A New Kind of Lightning is “Ishvara BhavAN KaH”, which is actually a Hindi or Sanskrit term pointing to God and building the God of oneself, if translated to more transcendental ideologies. The track itself has multiple melodies which sort of fold and undulate over each other, driven by an electronic version of what could be interpreted as a sitar or a Chinese Guzheng. The overall effect of this track is both peaceful and awakening, as well as heavily meditative.

Omiqron6 is clearly hoping to spread some sort of spiritual message with his music, as his logo is comprised of a number of spiritual symbols, and he says himself that the nature of his music is meditative and influenced by eastern philosophy. He even goes so far as to ask listeners to use headphones when listening to his music, which is in an indication that it is meant to be used during meditation. That said, as stand-alone secular music, “Ishvara BhavAN KaH” and the other tracks on A New Kind of Lightning are still fun and interesting, well-composed pieces worth a listen no matter which way one leans philosophically. A New Kind of Lightning is out now and available on itunes and Spotify.

Written by Layla Marino

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