For those tho follow, The Peanut Gallery, the indie hip hop duo who just four months ago released a string of mellow yet fun singles, their newest single “Time Flies By” may be a bit of a shock. Even for the uninitiated, a quick listen to the Soundcloud page of the duo, consisting of Flee Jones and Orlando, a radical tone shift is quickly noticable. Previous tracks were of a chill underground vibe, seem to have given way to an upbeat disco house flavor which doesn’t skimp on the auto-tune.

“Time Flies By” is a complete overhaul, which may be due to the fact that R&B/hip hop producer Apollo V produced the track. It thus thus has a much more EDM-fueled beat and style. Both Orlando and Flee Jones had great vocal texture and lyrical flow in previous tracks like “Deep Thoughts”, which released last month, and another fan favorite, “Shaolin Style RMX”, but on “Time Flies By” the lyrics, while positive and sort of a rally cry for doing goodin the world, are sung by the duo and run through heavy auto-tune. Add to that a funky bassline and disco house beats and The Peanut Gallery are basically a whole different genre.

Since The Peanut Gallery are relatively new, it stands to reason that they want to experiment with different styles, and perhaps they want to show their versatility on their forthcoming album, Tales from the Basement. That said, it’s anyone’s guess now just how much diversity fans will see on said album. No matter what, the likelihood is it will be fun, comic-fueled and, based on this new single a little funky.

“Time Flies By” and the rest of The Peanut Gallery’s singles are available to stream on their Soundcloud page or on Spotify. The track and all The Peanut Gallery’s others are also available to stream and purchase on itunes.



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