GEA is a Finnish artist who will be releasing her debut album in April. Combining synth pop, classical and traditional Finnish or Scandanavian music, Pink is a unique blend. GEA attributes her highly stylized indie pop sound to her collaborator, star producer Miko H. Haapoja. The title track for Pink was released well in advance of the album, with a video on Youtube showcasing GEA’s extraordinary voice.

GEA began in music at the young age of six, when she went to a musical consertavoire to study piano. The piano is featured as both supporting melody and timekeeper in “Pink,” as there is little in the way of other percussion. Also featured in this track is the harmonium, an instrument GEA says is ubiquitous in Finnish culture and even everyday life. The organ-like wind instrument provides an eerie support which was intentional. “…I liked it because the odd funeral vibes are very fitting with the song,” she said about the harmonium.

To wit: the piano and harmonium are well-composed and well-produced supports, but they are not needed in the face of GEA’s extraordinary vocals. Feather-light and whisper-quiet, GEA’s voice also manages not to waver or falter even in the highest registers. She could easily do this whole song a capella and it would sound just as haunting, emotive and beautiful. The support tracks, arranged and produced by Haapoja are impeccably done as well, but GEA’s stand-alone voice is the real attraction. It’s easy to see via this first track why Haapoja wanted to work with her.

Pink‘s other tracks are just as filled with the diversity and high-quality music found on its title track first single. If this is GEA’s debut into the world of indie pop, she will likely be counted among some of the great female experimental artists such as Sigur Ros and Bjork. Watch the video on GEA’s Youtube channel and check out her Soundcloud page on April 17 for the release of the full album.

Written by Layla Marino

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