Danish producer Reimer is very new, but his releases thus far have a sound and style which is rooted in 90s rave. He’s only released three tracks so far: “Exodus” and “Woodsman” on Gugli Records last month and his newest “Wild Thing” featuring Alisa Fedele, but all of them have a very vintage 90s rave feel, namely progressive house.

Progressive house and progressive trance have been coming back in EDM circles lately, and it only makse sense. Prog house and trance are, in fact, the precursors to “big room” house and trance. These styles were technically the “big room” styles of the 90s . Reimer has made an excellent example out of “Wild Thing” of what these styles should sound like while also adding a modern twist.

With beat and melody, “Wild Thing” typifies early-to-mid-90s house and trance with their soaring breaks and emotive drops, choosing melodies and starburst sound effects to introduce new segments of the song rather than more bass-driven sounds as one would hear during big room house and trance tracks at festivals now. Reimer has taken care to modernize the track however, mostly in. the vocals by Alisa Fedele are of a modern pop persuasion. The song’s beat, melody and effects are still well in the wheelhouse of prog house arranged to lend heft to the vocals, so sort of a  pop/EDM fusion style. This makes for a very effective and emotive track while still being being sleek and modern for today’s audiences. Reimer seems to have hit upon just the right balance in his prog house fusion work.

The Exodus dual single and “Wild Thing” are out now and can be streamed on Reimer’s Soundcloud page. They can also be purchased on Beatport.



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