Alley Sereda is a classically trained vocalist from Toronto who was trying to decide what to do with her musical career when she was contacted by French EDM producer Richard Orlinski. The young singer/songwriter ended up collaborating with Orlinski and Eva Simons on a house track called “Heartbeat”, a single which turned out to be massive on the EDM charts. It was number one on the French Billboard house charts as well as on iTunes for the genre. Now sure in what she wants to do and with a hit under her belt, Sereda is embarking on her solo career with her new single, “I Got You.”

The musical style on”I Got You” is quite different from “Heartbeat”. It’s more complex, for a start, and it shows that Sereda’s songwriting and voice are versatile enough to work with a multitude of genres. Listeners will notice a bit of a K Flay vibe¬† terms of the subject matter and arrangement, especially when it comes to the vocals versus the trap-style beat. Sereda’s vocal quality, however, is vastly superior to K Flay or really any of her indie pop contemporaries. The track itselfhas quite a bit of hip hop and R&B influence as well as a decent amount of pop cache, but it will still be emotive and complex enough for indie audiences.

Sereda is definitely one to watch in the indie pop sphere. Having already established herself in the EDM world, it likely won’t be long before her solo tracks are heard both on dancefloors and indie radio stations.

“I Got You” is out now and available to stream on both Soundcloud and Spotify.



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