Los Angeles duo Smoke Season are releasing a new single for their forthcoming album today, June 16 called “Good Days”. Knowing Smoke Season, there is likely to be a gorgeous video to accompany it shortly as well.

“Good Days” is quite a bit less ambient and etheric than many of Smoke Season’s previous releases, with a danceable beat and upbeat-for-this-band synthesizers. Gabrielle Wortman’s vocals tie “Good Days” to their highly successful Ouroboros EP in 2016, as the tone, timbre and lilting warmth of her voice is still there in spades. She tweaks her vocals to go with the more punchy melody and synths, but there is definitely still a quailty about Wortman’s voice which will always be seen as distinctly Smoke Season.

As Smoke Season have said, their music is meant to be a multi-sensory experience, so it’s likely that the video for “Good Day” will reveal an even deeper intention behind the song, so fans can hopefully look forward to that soon. In the meantime. Ellenwood-EP is the only place “Good Days” can be streamed until the official release. Check out Smoke Season’s website for more news and updates on releases.

🌹GOOD DAYS are here🌹🎧 Link to listen in bio 🎧 #gooddays

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