Hardstyle, as pertains to EDM, is a form of bass house which is characterized by its somewhat sparse yet bass-heavy beats and a sort of limited melodic pallette. It seems to attract a lot of indie pop fans as well (think the Coachella set), so it’s worth examining from a rock perspective as well While the EDM  world is hearing less about hardstyle lately the indie world may be picking up the slack a bit. One artist who may be picking up said slack and reaching across the aisle to indie is 22-year-old San Francisco producer, Trst.

The new producer seems to dabble in a number of genres, from dubstep to indie electro and, or course, hardstyle. His newest single “Bitch Boyz,” released just this month, is definitely in the hardstyle wheelhouse, but it may also be a track which is of interest to indie audiences. Like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim before him, Trst. somehow fits an indie mold while being specifically and decidedly electronic.

Part of the indie appeal may be the interplay of funk with said electronic elements. On “Bitch Boyz,” there is indeed quite a lot of funk lot of funk to the beat, and even some old school vibes to the synth. Th bass synth which is hardstyle, however, as it comes from other forms of bass music like DnB and dubstep. Trst. weaves this bass synth into the track in an interesting new way, cutting it off in unexpected places and sort of waking the listener up from the predictability of the house beat. This may also be why Trst. and his “Bitch Boyz” will be of interest to the indie scene in the coming year, especially if he plays with different genres like dubstep and trip hop.

“Bitch Boyz” is out now and can be streamed on Trst.’s Soundcloud page along with his other tracks.



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