Vajra are a New York-based group led by the booming-voiced Annamaria Pinna who, despite their Eastern-influenced drums, are on a mission to bring back rock. Their latest single is called “The Mirror” and it showcases at least one thing: Pinna’s voice is definitely suited for rock.

Pinna has another not-so-apparent gift/curse, the condition known as synesthesia. This condition causes sounds to be attached to certain colors in the brain, and this seems apparent when watching any of Vajra’s videos. In “The Mirror”, the colors are lush and rich, with purples, reds and golds adorning the set while Pinna and her band are in stark black.

Pinna’s voice is remarkable in “The Mirror” as she barely takes a breath, belting out one phrase after another. It’s likely she’s been trained classically, but it’s also quite heartening that she’s decided to put those strong vocal folds to work for rock. Style-wise, Vajra are similar to the hardcore rock bands which came out of the embers of grunge in the late 90s and early 00s such as 30 Seconds to Mars or Evanessence, but the tone is clearly less emo than those bands. The Eastern and Indian ornamentaions and and intro add a layer of mysticism to the band’s sound, but in tracks such as the mirror, they also do not define it.

Vajra have one date left on their U.S. and European tour before they return to New York City, hopefully to make more heavy rock with a mystical twist. “The Mirror” and the rest of Vajra’s discography can be found on Vajra’s website and through Spotify.



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