Talon Majors is back with her second single under the moniker of Velvet Winter called “Diamond Daydreams”. It’s quite a different offering than her first single, “Crystal Heart”. “Crystal Heart” was a pop-infused dubstep track with sort of hippie vibe in the beautifully shot video.”Diamond Daydreams” kicks the pop to the curb and the video, while equally beautiful, has a completely different and much darker aesthetic.

Majors teamed up with Andrew Fruze and Todd Bergman again on “Diamond Daydreams”. Both producers worked with her on “Crystal Heart” and the trio seem to make a powerful team. The production on “Diamond Daydreams” is crisp and clean with techno-inspired synth punches like the first single, but “Diamond Daydreams” has a much more conventional sound and structure than “Crystal Heart”. It’s infused with rock and has a hard edge, but has a more pop song structure than its predecessor. The beat, also a cross between dubstep and trap, is more of a supporting character in this track, allowing Majors’s vocals to really shine. It’s easy to see why.

Lyrically, “Diamond Daydreams” packs an emotional punch, and the rock-centric vocal tones are meant to compliment and underline the point. “Diamond Daydreams is an anthem for anyone who’s had to fight their way to their life goals. The song tells the story of a girl who’s had a rough journey, takes the lessons she’s learned along the way and forms them into metaphorical diamonds to propel herself forward. The song is very personal to me, as I wrote it during a very difficult time in my life.” This is not necessarily a lighthearted message about following one’s dreams, the singer warns. Velvet Winter acknowledges that following one’s dreams can be difficult, painful and bring on difficult times, but then declares she still believes in the human ability to transcend difficulty to achieve one’s heart’s desire. It’s a very real sentiment and one that shows Majors’s maturity beyond her years both emotionally and musically.

With “Diamond Daydreams”, Velvet Winter is well on her way to establishing herself as an unconventional pop/EDM artist who pulls no punches when it comes to her message and her voice.

“Diamond Daydreams” is available to stream or purchase on Spotify.

Written by Layla Marino

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