Oceanlux are an indie pop/ambient electro  duo from Indiana who just release their first EP, Versa Vice. The album goes everywhere from true indie pop to chill EDM and back again, sort of like Washed Out with a lighter tone or M83 but less electronic. The first single off of Versa Vice, released August 11, is called “Raw Love,” and it’s a brilliant introduction to the unique sounds Oceanlux have developed. Their trippy yet nature-bound aesthetic is reinforced by a stunning lyric  video.

The track starts off with a hint at a possible dubstep bassline or beat, but once it finally gets going, it’s much more breakbeat electro that creates its base. There is a lot of ambient space in this track as well, with barely a beat or synth during the verse. A heavier beat comes at the chorus, but the feeling is still light and emotive. The lyric video for “Raw Love” will definitely make shoegaze indie fans think of M83 or the like, as there is a lot of stop motion and digital animation with the lyrics and the beautiful nature scenes. The two together create a striking and evocative artistic package.

It’s clear that Oceanlux, with their indie electro pop musical style and beautiful visual aesthetic will be popular in the indie and ambient electronica realms, as well as possibly mainstream EDM. Here’s hoping that Versa Vice is the first of many beautiful albums.

Versa Vice is out now and available on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.



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