In his YouTube description, WeatheredMan says he “performs duets with people way cooler than he is.” That hardly seems possible since C-30 Duets Vol. 1, the debut EP from the frontman of mariachi band Roja, has an ultra-cool, blues rock vibe. When it comes to the first video off of said EP for “Hand In My Pocket”, however, Aaron Paul certainly does step up the cool points a notch.

While WeatheredMan comes from mainly a rock and Latin background, having played with the likes of Franz Ferdinand with Roja, Aaron Paul is well known for his chart-topping dance pop in the UK. It seems these two musical worlds couldn’t be more far apart, but this duet creates a great synergy between the two artists’ styles, and each enhances the other. Paul’s vocals on the track are eerie and sort of dancy and somehow stand to amplify the rock side of WeatheredMan’s blues rock, while said blues rock grounds Paul’s heady, lustful vocals. It’s really a perfect pairing.

The video for “Hand In My Pocket” mirrors the single, showing WeatheredMan and Paul in offset black-and-white vignettes where they are clearly in different places but seem to be looking and and singing to each other. It’s stark, interesting, sensual and almost haunting, creating an evocative visual to go with an almost perfect duet.

C-30 Duets Vol. 1 is out now and available to stream on Souncloud or Spotify. Check out WeatheredMan’s other videos on his YouTube channel.




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