Written by: Sean Kayden

Sometimes in your trajectory of any pursuit, a change is deemed necessary. As one grows internally and externally, you experience a discovery of yourself. It’s not always clear what you may have learned or came away with it, but you’re different now. You changed. For Austin Getz, Casey Getz, and Danny Dempsey, the trio behind Virginia Beach act, Turnover, a transformation was made and the outcome is a monumental one.


With Good Nature, Turnover discover growth in both the musical and spiritual sense. A development has clearly been set forth on the band’s third full-length album. The seamless transition from the stellar Peripheral Vision to Good Nature shows exponential progress, especially if you consider their debut, Magnolia. They are able to develop their own true sensibilities within the songs they craft. Good Nature explores ideas of stepping out of one’s own comfort zone and becoming new again if you put forth the efforts in doing so. Over the course of four years, Turnover has developed three full-length records yet each one expands upon the next. Magnolia covered the emo/pop-punk terrain, Peripheral Vision was a dreamy-indie rock affair, and Good Nature builds upon their previous effort with a more established sound palette. With eleven songs, spanning 46 minutes, Turnover’s heavenly and warm sound expands to greater horizons, leaving the listener with a swirl of emotions as they absorb each track from start to finish.


The shimmering single ‘Super Natural’ kicks off the album in gorgeous fashion. It touches upon haziness and shoegaze, a new found penchant formed by the band from their previous outing. Here they take it one or two steps further with striking arrangements and dreamlike guitars. Vocals and guitars have never paired so well together. Second single ‘Sunshine Type’ is a warm and comforting endeavor. The drifting chords with Getz’ serene vocals are certainly chill worthy. It’s a catchy love song with the theme of not being able to control every little thing in life. ‘Sunshine Type’ will definitely resonate with Turnover’s consistently growing fan base. Speaking of their fans, as their material matures, Turnover are reaching out to an older audience with their natural progression.


The record is occupied with nostalgia, reflectiveness, and beautifully structured compositions. ‘Curiosity’ is a song with much promise off Good Nature. With an upbeat start followed by sleepy vocals, the sounds quickly stir up deeper emotions from its listeners. Turnover has a special aptitude to lure you in with ethereal echoes that feel wisely crafted. The softer sounds on ‘Curiosity,’ much like most of the tracks, are impressive in the way they place the listener into a whole new world. Good Nature is pure and promising from beginning to end. While most tracks here have similar sounds, the record as a whole feels complete and fundamentally cohesive. ‘Nightlight Girl’ is the clear-cut winner off the collection of stunning tunes. Bold, confident, and lyrically pensive, ‘Nightlight Girl’ is brimming with all the things you could ever love in a Turnover song. They’ve composed something greater than most of their peers with swirling guitars, easygoing baselines, and meditative lyrics.


Good Nature is a dream-pop and shoegaze-lite record that displays the blatant potential of an up and coming indie act. Turnover will still keep their current fans while opening the doors to a whole new audience. They’ve taken a step forward creatively with their third full-length album. I know thriving guitars and gentle rhythms are popular in modern indie music, but Turnover never appear to be trying to replicate someone else’s sound. The way they have presented themselves by taking a fresh path feels genuine and appropriate. In the end, Good Nature glides along nicely and gracefully from the opening track to its conclusion. Turnover’s music has changed, but the trio’s dedication to their craft, their display of utter depth, and loyalty to fans has stayed perfectly intact.


Good Nature is out on August 25th, 2017 via Run For Cover Records.

Tue / Oct 10 Washington DC Rock N Roll Hotel
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Thur / Oct 12 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle
Fri / Oct 13 Orlando, FL The Social
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Tue / Nov 14 Toronto, ON Mod Club
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Fri / Nov 17 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg
Sat / Nov 18 Philly, PA The TLA
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