It was early New Year’s Eve in Downtown San Francisco when a long line started to form outside the Fillmore, a legendary San Francisco staple off Geary Boulevard. Known for its hall of posters from concerts past and long history of hosting the most groundbreaking rock artists since 1954, the Fillmore was chosen especially by ambient music project Tycho this evening in order to make a piece of that history themselves. This New Year’s Eve performance was especially curated by front man Scott Hansen to be the second installment of a two-night anthology performance, the first night being a dedication to their first two albums Past Is Prologue and Dive, and the second night a dedication to their last two albums to date Awake and Epoch, along with a special DJ set by Scott Hansen himself in order to bring 2018 into full swing. Hansen specifically chose the Fillmore as the venue for their anthology series since it is one of his favorite venues of all time, and in their hometown where the project began. It was understandable then when tickets sold out months in advance for both nights, making this concert series highly anticipated for long time fans from all over.

With most fans still on a high from the previous night’s Tycho performance, many arrived early to receive the traditional New Year’s Eve hat and noise maker, grab a complimentary red Fillmore apple, check out the special Tycho merchandise table, and find the perfect spot either in the balcony seating open to all or the intimate GA pit close to the stage where the band would soon be performing. Rory O’Connor, long time drummer for Tycho, opened the show for all with his own DJ set as Nitemoves. Everyone grooved to his ambient smooth mix, a perfect prelude for the evening. Soon enough, Tycho entered the stage to the roar of the crowd, which now was at full capacity. Hansen chose to open the night with a balanced mix of deep cuts from Awake, getting the crowd warmed up for a long night of dancing. The four-piece band, including Billy Kim this evening, worked closely together as Hansen’s graphic art projected onto the blank canvas behind them, allowing for a truly special visual presentation for each song of this concert series. Hansen would occasionally pause between songs to give brief backgrounds of the makings of their songs in celebration of their albums, which was especially enjoyable for long time fans.

Around 11:30 PM, Tycho paused their set in order to celebrate the last moments of 2017 with family and friends. When midnight struck, the Fillmore erupted in cheer, and balloons and confetti dropped from the ceiling. The whole band celebrated on stage with their loved ones, and Hansen performed a special Tycho version of “Auld Lang Syne” for all in attendance. After the initial celebration died down, Tycho soon entered the stage once again and performed their beloved song Awake, proving it the best way to bring in the New Year. They continued their performance with a mix of tracks from their most recent release Epoch, and Hansen kept the party going soon after the live set with a DJ set to keep everyone dancing until dawn. All left the venue that night with smiles on their faces and complimentary Tycho posters in hand, excited for the coming future, as this New Year had already begun so amazingly.

In case you missed the San Francisco anthology performances, Tycho will soon be on tour once again starting March 1st at the Fillmore in Miami Beach, Florida. They will continue through the US and eventually end their tour in San Diego, California, on May 24th. Be sure to catch them while they are still touring, this is a group you do not want to miss.

Photos by: Sarah Woods



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