Over the past decade, Wussy has conquered the independent music scene with arguably one of the most stellar bodies of work in recent memory. Those that have followed the Cincinnati natives since their ‘Funeral Dress’ debut understand their mosaic approach of composing without compromising their style and vision. Their ability to invoke power and influence with complex arrangements of sound manipulation has placed them in an uncontested division. Now with their sixth studio album ‘Forever Sounds, ’ the five-piece act are in search of a much bigger platform with strong enough ambition to create floods out of puddles.

 Artists To Watch | Introducing: Wussy Lyrically, Wussy store enough creativity to illustrate compassion and empathy while forcing you to feel long after the song has concluded. They personify eloquent ideas and formulate animated thoughts into a wide range of musical portrayals that leave listeners craving for more. Dissecting verses can often lead to tangled spider webs but provide enough depth to stimulate minds.  Subject matter and themes often lead to the same avenues other musical acts have traveled through, what separates Wussy from the rest of the herd is their stubborn nature to discover new outlets and paths while creating foundations destined to me imitated.

Contrary to the oversaturated airwaves of repetitive music, Wussy’s approach expands pass the hit single mentality. Instead of fabricating monotonous sounds for mindless ears they perform at a higher caliber, which highlights individual skill sets while bonding as one. They align specific ingredients without any outside recipes and establish a forward motion process. The clashing drums often arrive with a tribal awareness yet extend beyond the atmosphere. Outside of controlling the guitar tempos into layers of storms, they transcend into subtext elements that demand to be acknowledged. The musical roller coaster they operate promises a safe arrival but the expedition is definitely the reason to climb aboard.

With a first quarter album release, Wussy have made their message clear they plan to take 2016 by force.  After conquering the independent market with a faithful fan base, ‘Forever Sounds’ aspires for a larger spotlight. Their previous effort ‘Attica!’ helped them reach a wider audience and ‘Forever Sounds’ has enough fuel to catapult them into another dimension.

Check out the Album review: https://ellenwood-ep.com/2016/02/19/wussys-new-album-mixes-it-up-forever-sounds/

Tour Dates
3/4 – New York, NY at Webster Hall
3/5 – Baltimore, MD at Club 603
3/11 – Chicago, IL at Red Line Tap
3/12 – Chicago, IL at Red Line Tap
3/29 – Washington, DC at TBC
3/30 – Brooklyn/Queens, NY at Trans-Pecos
3/31 – Philadelphia, PA at MilkBoy
4/2 – Boston, MA at Midway Cafe
4/28 – Manchester, UK at The Castle
4/30 – Cardiff, UK at The Full Moon
5/1 – London, UK at Walpurgis Nacht Festival
5/3 – Leicester, UK at The Musician
5/5 – Brighton, UK at The Hope and Ruin
6/8 – St. Louis at TBC
6/14 – Los Angeles, CA at Silverlake Lounge
6/15 – San Francisco, CA at Elbo Room
6/18 – Seattle WA at El Corazon
6/20 – Boise, ID at TBC
6/24 – Chicago, IL at Empty Bottle
6/25 – Minneapolis, MN at Icehouse

Track List
1. “Dropping Houses”
2. “She’s Killed Hundreds”
3. “Donny’s Death Scene”
4. “Gone”
5. “Hello, I’m a Ghost”
6. “Hand of God”
7. “Sidewalk Sale”
8. “Better Days”
9. “Majestic-12”
10. “My Parade”




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